Friday, October 28, 2011


I am SICK and TIRED about the big hoop de doo about the state of Alabama's tough new immigration law.

Sicker still of The Anniston Stars bleeding heart liberal H Brandt Ayers and his STUPID diatribes about this "hateful and mean spirited" law. SHUT UP YOU DAMN FOOL!

As a child my parents taught me about CHOICES and that CHOICES have CONSEQUENCES. Very simply that means, unless someone was kidnapped and dragged at gunpoint into this country AGAINST their will, they CHOSE to enter this country ILLEGALLY. They knew they were BREAKING the law and decided to do it anyway.

You are here illegally then you are breaking the law so there is no sense in protesting,marching and crying on TV about the awful state of Alabama and how they want to punish you. How about accepting some responsibility for your own ACTIONS and CHOICES!!!!!!!!!!!!

They say they are afraid someone will ask to see their papers or ID....Well guess the hell what.....that happens to Americans all the time, so if you don't want to show ID you better go somewhere else.

During my most recent surgery, I had to show my ID and prove who I was about 12 different times to 12 different people.

Rent a car.....hotel a car....register a car....get married...get divorced....apply for insurance....All those things and more you have to show ID....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This isn't something that has been cooked up by the powers that be to hurt your feelings!

I tell you what hurts my feelings.....people that come here ILLEGALLY, breaking the law and then making demands.

I don't have a thing in this world against people from other countries wanting to come here to the United States to make and have a better life for themselves and their children. This is a great country. My ancestors came here from Ireland,England,Scotland and France. Came here LEGALLY. So why should there be an exception for you....?

I wish all the people who SUPPORT this law would have their own marches and show support. There are more people for this than there are against it!

What I find "hateful and mean spirited" are the illegals here not paying taxes, working under the table all the while sucking up benefits that should go to those that came here respecting the laws of this country and doing things the right way.

In closing: