Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Loving Me,Loving My Life

Haven't posted here in a while. What can I tell you all....hummmm..Oh yeah...at the top of the list is that on Ma of this
y 22 of this year I celebrated ONE YEAR SMOKE FREE! I am now 14 months smoke
Free and counting! Can I get a high 5! Can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke now.
I feel better....breathe better and smell better!

I am walking and lifting weights. Getting in shape! Will be heading into the studio soon
To record some of my original songs and I am super excited about that!

A trip to the beach for my birthday has me excited.....make that VERY.....!

Last year I conquered several dishes that I had always wanted to try but was afraid to
Attempt.....HOT n SOUR SOUP, EGG ROLLS and TAMALES....all made here with my very own hands!
You can check out my cooking/food blog.for the pics and recipes.

Loving myself and loving my life!

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  1. that is wonderful new! it sure makes a difference the longer you quit. I stopped 9 years ago, so glad I did.