Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am FED up with AOL.

Once upon a time when a new version of AOL was released, an installation CD was sent via the mail.

An AOL 9.0 Optimized CD came with my computer back in 2004.

Sometime later an AOL 9.0 Security Edition was sent in the mail.

Since then, the AOL 9.0 Security Edition CD became scratched and not usable, so, I'm stuck with 9.0 Optimized.

Worth noting is that AOL crashes at least twice a month requiring that I reinstall it.

I have scanned the AOL Help section (which is, NO help at all)

I am guessing that installation CD's are a thing of the past.

Here is a newsflash.....

Some of us don't live in urban areas. We live out in the sticks where the ONLY choice is dial up.

As I write this, I have been downloading (LOL) AOL 9.5 online. Been at it for over an hour now and it isn't even up to 10% downloaded. By my calculations, it will take over 10 hours to download. Are you freaking kidding me....!!!!!!!!!!

Try to find something....anything about a CD installation on AOL Help and you come up with ZIPPO. In fact, trying to find anything that could be considered mildly helpful is like trying to find a needle in a stack of needles.

You would think for $25.90 per month, they could afford to produce a freaking CD.

In short, AOL is AO HELL and I'm about to kiss them goodbye.

For anyone that doesn't live in BumbleBucket USA and has a connection that isn't dial up, here is a business idea for you....Go to AOL the AOL site where it gives instructions on how to make your own AOL 9.5 CD, make one and then sell it to the dial up suckers.

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