Sunday, December 6, 2009


I had myself a quiet day planned Saturday. With a rare day alone and the house all to myself I would play my music as loud as I wanted and attack the growing mess in the office.

A last minute change of plans had me sitting inside the Georgia Dome for the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP game between my beloved Crimson Tide of Alabama and the Florida Gators. Of course, everyone and their dog knew Alabama was the underdog but so what. Not like we haven't been the underdog before, but as someone who grew up on Alabama football, I know that you NEVER count out the team from Tuscaloosa,Alabama.

The fans in our section were mostly wearing CRIMSON with a healthy sprinkling of Florida fans thrown in for good measure. Seated to my left, 4 Florida fans who commenced to bragging and counting a victory before the first snap. Each time he would say something to me, I just smiled. After being poked for the fifth time and asked:

"What ya think 'bout that Bama gal?"

I replied:

"We do our talking on the field."

The atmosphere was electric. Florida faithful were remembering the previous years win over the Tide in the SEC Championship game and fully expecting a repeat. Meanwhile, the Bama Nation was hell bent on revenge. That became clear when the Crimson Tide exited the tunnel, running onto the field. Meanwhile, the Gators, strolled.

Mid way through the fourth quarter, most of the Gator fans in our section were long gone. Their hopes of a trip to California to play for the National Championship were rolled away by an Alabama team that came ready to play. In the final seconds of the game, Tebow was in tears and Florida was Alabama's bitch!

"Oh the weather outside if frightful, but the Dome is so delightful. Tebow has no place to go.....Let it ROLL,let it ROLL, let it ROLL."

Rammer Jammer rocked the Dome. Saban and the players saluted the crowd as "Sweet Home Alabama.....ROLL TIDE ROLL", filled the air.

Tebow's performance, along with Colt McCoy's less than impressive game,should give Mark Ingram a very good chance at winning the Heisman. A first for Alabama.

All I want for Christmas is a 13th National Championship.

I love Saturday when you are looking for a win and Sunday when you found one.



  1. that wasa world class ass whoopin!!
    Damn my boys didn't play one lick of defense and not much offense! Seems coming into that game #2 is better than #1.

    I predict right now that Bama beats Tx by 20, if Bama and Tx play lie they did last night, if Tx plays that poorly, Bama by 40.

    I'll be pullin for the Tide to Rollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  2. Sage-It was AWESOME. At the risk of having my CRIMSON TIDE fan card revoked, I must say that I like Tebow. After most of the Gator players had left the field, with tears in his eyes, he remained to congratulate Coach Saban. I thought that was a very classy thing to do.