Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Gov.Bob Riley is on my last nerve and I'm counting down the days until he is out of office.

Riley has vowed to protect and defend the "standard of living" in Alabama by waging war on gambling in the state of Alabama. The gambling in question is bingo played via slot machines.

Each year Alabama watches millions upon millions of dollars say bye-bye to us and travel to other states to gamble and play the lottery.

Meanwhile on the home front, he has a problem with "gambling" as it is now. His problem is that electronic bingo in the places popping up around Montgomery, Birmingham and south Alabama don't require enough inter-action. It seems the difference between gambling and not gambling is the number of buttons you have to push.

He is and has spent millions of tax payer dollars riding on his white horse to save us all while cutting education and laying off much needed teachers.

My question to Dudley....err....Bob Riley is this....Why stop at gambling...? Why not save us from the evils of tobacco and alcohol...? After all they have killed and harmed more people in the state than gambling ever what not take aim at them....?

You can't pick and choose which "sins" to be against based on the almighty dollar....can you...?

Maybe Bob isn' so squeaky clean after all.

Your time is almost up Bingo Bob. Time for you to go back to Ashland and stay there!

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