Monday, May 16, 2011


It continues to amaze me the way people dress to go out in public.

A grown woman and I'm talking if not 50 then knocking on the door of it, in Hello Kitty pj's and houseshoes shopping away in Wal-Mart. Come on now. How in thunder do you stand in front of the mirror dressed like that and tell yourself, "Oh yeah, I'm ready to go!"

Believe it or not, that isn't the worst.

While enjoying a nice dinner at one of my favorite Mexican places, seated at the table to my left, even though it was quite chilly here on Sunday, a man with the ugliest feet this side of glory.

The toenails were big,thick and yellow. At least they matched the thick callouses on his heels.

The big toe was so flippin' big it looked like it was trying to escape from his foot. The thing looked like a corndog as it dangled off the end of his sandals. Not one single hair on his head, and please understand I don't have a problem with bald men (THE ROCK to name but one) but the hair on his toes more than made up for the lack of hair on his head.

Not just a few sprigs of hair here and there, I'm talking dark, black hair all over his toes.

I understand people want to be comfortable, but geezzzz!

If you have more hair on your toes than on your head, do us all a favor and cover up them piggies.


  1. thank you so much for making me throw up a little in my mouth. I get grossed out by feet. Especially if they are sitting in the next pedicure station from me and they are all kinds of sick and wrong. but that dude would have totally sent me over the edge

  2. LOL What's really bad is when you go into Walmart and you have a mother AND her kids dressed like they're ready to hit the corner to make some money!

  3. hee hee you are soooo good. Did'nt think I'd ever get on here.... Lord, I miss the Stream... I need it now more than ever.... Blessings, Heide